Q&A Friday #90: Pat Robertson Saves The Planet With Al Sharpton

Question: Why, do you think, is Newt Gingrich and Pat Robertson making these stupid “green-themed” PSA-type commercials with the likes of Pelosi and Sharpton?
Mr. Meaner

Answer: Like the 99% of you people, I do not think Global Warming is caused by man, nor do I think Newt (who actually has a brain) or Robertson (a man of very little brain) believe that either. The thing is, Republicans are being stupid about the whole Environmental debate and letting the argument be defined by the latest trend which is Global Warming, or now, the more p.c. term “climate change”. The leftists who are spouting off about it frame the issue like Republicans don’t care or want to kill baby seals for sport.

Who doesn’t care about the environment? I mean, really. Most people think it’s a good idea to clean up after themselves and to not take more than needed and to share, etc. Conservatives, especially Christian conservatives, support measures for good environmental stewardship. The admonishment by God to Adam and Eve holds true: humans have a responsibility to “dress and to keep” the environment and the animals in their care. And conservatives do just this by recycling, conserving where possible, etc. just like Democrats do.

I think that Republicans need to stop allowing themselves to be defined as earth-hating, animal abusing Neanderthals. And Newt Gingrich recognizes this. So while a Conservative’s answer to what it means to care for the environment might be different than a liberals, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Newt seems to be wanting to take away the issue from the Left and he’s got the right idea.

Robertson? He’s just a crazy old man.

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