Q&A Friday #90: The Whitey Video

Question: “Do you believe in the “Whitey” video?
If you were John McCain, when would you “release” it?
If you were Hillary, when would you release it?
And why would you release it at these times?” — Don_cos

Answer: Before I answer this, the “whitey” video is supposed to be Michelle Obama talking about “whitey” during an appearance with Louis Farrakhan. The story was originally peddled by Larry Johnson, an unreliable, ultra left-wing idiot, who was a die-hard Hillary supporter — but now the story has taken on a life of its own.

So, do I believe the tape exists?

The only evidence it exists is that Larry Johnson says he knows some people who say the tape exists. There are also people asking about the tape. Apparently, Michelle did appear in public with Calypso Louis once, too.

There’s your evidence. It’s like a kid’s game of “telephone” where one person passes something on to the next person and they pass it on, etc, etc, and at the end someone blurts out Michelle Obama said “whitey” in public.

Granted, it would be very, very easy to imagine her saying that, but let’s imagine the scenario: she’s probably surrounded by friends and supporters, none of whom are going to be inclined to hurt her. So, they’d probably bury the tape. If they did want to get it out, they could just upload it to YouTube and let the world see it. But, even if they didn’t do that, would the sort of people gathered around Michelle Obama and Farrakhan be more likely to be Republicans or Democrats? Democrats, right? So that means even if they sent the tape somewhere, it would probably be to Hillary or the media rather than McCain. Would Hillary have sat on it? No way in hell. What about the media? The only way they’d sit on it would be if they knew it wasn’t getting out anywhere else. So, if the person sent the tape to, say MSNBC, they’d have to figure that if they didn’t play it, someone else would and they’d lose their scoop.

But, let’s say that it does exist.

“If you were Hillary, when would you release it?”

I’d have gotten it to a friend in the press 5 minutes after it came into my hands. Now, it’s probably too late for her, no matter what the tape says.

If you were John McCain, when would you “release” it?

If I were McCain and I had it, I would release it at the end of September, so that it would be late enough to affect the election, but too early to be called an “October surprise.”

PS: Campaigns typically don’t just “release” things like this though. What they do is call a friendly in the press, hand them the opposition research they’ve compiled, and then they let the media outlet break the story. That way their hands are clean. This happens so often that if you see a big scoop about McCain or Obama from now until the election, chances are it originated with the other campaign.

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