Q&A Friday: Starting Your Own Blog

Question: “I have been reading your log for two months and it is now my favourite, even ahead of Mark Steyn’s, which I began reading when he disappeared from the NATIONAL POST. I would now like to ask you a question. As I am seventy years old [they were not mispent years, I can assure you], I know nothing of the etiquette of blogging and I would like to know the rules so I can take part.I know that one has to have a nickname/nom de guerre/nom de plume but beyond that I am totally ignorant. Can you enlighten me? I promise not to ask how often you clip the dog’s claws, I know the answer to this as I have been a dog owner myself. Keep up the “verygood” work!” — jourdemaine

Answer: Today is your lucky day, because I’ve written a whole article on just this subject. Check out RWN’s Short & Sweet Guide To Creating Your Own Blog to get all the info you’ll need to get started. The only caveats that I’d add to the article are that I can no longer recommend Movable Type to new users because of their new Pricing Structure and that there are some other web-based publishing tools that have either been released or gained notoriety since I put that article out.

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