Q&A Thursday #48: If You Could Take The Place Of Any Musician, Who Would It Be?

Question: “If you could take the place of any musician (living or dead) and be in any band, who would it be?

For example, you wanna lead the ultimate rock star life – then *snap* you’ve just become Mick Jagger. Or you wanna go more the crooner route and hang in Vegas….*snap* you’re Frank Sinatra…” — Tom_pinko_Delay

Answer: I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I don’t do drugs. Moreover, I don’t particularly like to travel (other than on an occasional vacation) and doing a year long tour across the country would be like torture for me.

Moreover, I generally find parties to be boring, I’m not all that interested in meeting famous people (outside of politics), I’m too old to be sleeping with trashy groupies every night, I like my privacy, and I get more jazzed up over getting a big interview or a mention on the Rush Limbaugh show than I would ever get about performing in front of a screaming crowd.

In other words, I am saying that I am about as temperamentally unsuited to being a professional musician as Mick Jagger would be to blogging about politics for a living. So, since rock stardom would be wasted on someone like me, I am going to decline to make a selection.

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