Q&A Thursday #48: The Fauxtography Scandals

Question: “I actually have a question for John (rather belatedly).

John, while you’ve linked to the articles, I notice you haven’t had much to say about the ‘fauxtography’ scandals- the questionable photos and practices highlighted in the recent fighting over in Lebanon.

Any reason why? Do you feel it has enough coverage in the blogosphere? Other fish to fry? Just haven’t gotten around to it?” — Raposa

Answer: Actually, I did two posts on it (here & here) and also linked related stories several times in the daily news. So, I did cover it.

But, to tell you the truth, I think a lot of people went overboard and ended up presenting pics as “fakes” based on pure speculation that ended up being legit. Granted, because of the self-correcting nature of the blogosphere, most of the mistakes were corrected in a relatively short period of time — but I think overall, the blogosphere would have been better off being a little slower on the trigger instead of going into such a frenzy after Adnan Hajj got busted.

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