Q&A Thursday #48: Who Would You Like To Retire?

Question: “If you could choose one Liberal/Democrat politician/blogger/pundit to announce tomorrow that they are resigning/quitting tomorrow and vow to never speak about politics again in public, who would you choose?

Which Conservative/Republican would you choose to do the same thing?” — DMaestas

Answer: On the left, it would be Jimmy Carter. He’s embarrassingly naive, foolish, and weak and was perhaps the worst President of the last century. He has already retired, but he doesn’t have enough class and respect for tradition to shut up. He’s a walking, talking version of that old proverb:

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

On the Republican side, my first instinct would be to go with McCain. But, since there’s a Democratic Governor in Arizona, it would mean losing a seat.

So, since that’s the case, I think I’d go with Michael Savage. He’s Ann Coulter without the wit, humor, or incisive thinking. He’s a crabby, rude Paleocon whose main “accomplishment” is convincing conservatives that being irritating, pessimistic, and off-putting makes them witty.

Along with Patrick Buchanan, he’s the worst thing going in conservatism today.

Update #1: After reading the comments section, I realized that there is a better answer on the liberal retiree question: David Souter. At 66, he’s the youngest, liberal member of the Supreme Court. If he were to retire, George Bush could replace him with say Janice Rogers Brown, Edith Jones, Michael Luttig or some other conservative justice.

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