Q&A Thursday #88: Have You Ever Done Comedy Writing?

Question: “Do you do any writing other than political blogging? Your pedicure vignette was pretty funny and wonder if you have tried other types of writing like comedy?

And as a segue to that above question do you have a favorite comedian?” –libliever

Answer: Way back in the day, when I was in college, I toyed with the idea of doing stand-up comedy for a living. In fact, I actually prepared a 45 minute long act, invited about 30 friends over, and did a show. It went over OK for a first performance — some of it hit and some it didn’t — but after considering a career in comedy a little more, I lost interest. There was too much competition in the field, there was too much traveling required, and it was just too much of a nomadic life for me.

Still, I wrote a few scripts for a local comedy troupe (some of which were performed) and even tried out for the cast (I made it as an alternate, but never actually got called upon to act).

Next up, after getting my feet wet on the web with a gaming website that was intended to teach me the basics of web design and writing, I moved on to Brass Knuckles Webzine, which was for all intents and purposes a humor blog.

Here are a few of my faves that I have written (from BKW and RWN),

The Saddam Hussein Fan Club

The RWN Real-Estate Sale

The Persistent Spammer (ICQ Prank)

The BKW Guide to Anti-Americanism

Canadian Man Mildly Offended That America Isn’t Threatening To Invade Canada

The Canadian Menace

The Republican’s Translation Guide: What Are Democrats Really Saying?

The RWN Idiot Test

If Planned Parenthood Wrote The Next Harry Potter Book…

PS: My all-time favorite comedian is the late, great Sam Kinison.

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