Questions About The Latest Terrorist Attack In Kenya

A suicide bomber has struck in Kenya,

“The Kenyan capital was rocked Monday by a bomb blast thought to be the work of a suicide bomber who blew himself to bits while clutching a copy of the Koran, injuring dozens of people.

“It was a bomb explosion and body parts have been thrown apart,” policeman Gabriel Omondi told AFP after the blast in front of the crowded City Gate restaurant on Moi Avenue, one of Nairobi’s main streets.

“I can confirm one dead. He is a suspected suicide bomber,” Moses Muchoki, an official from the Kenyan Red Cross, told AFP.

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An AFP correspondent saw shredded papers from a Koran strewn at the explosion site.”

….Kenya has been on alert since January when the government said suspected Islamist fighters, accused of links to extremist groups, had fled fighting in Somalia.

Obviously, there are some questions raised by this horrific incident including,

#1) What did Kenya do to make these terrorists hate them?

#2) Is Kenya going to take immediate action to protect their Muslim citizens from discrimination that may occur as a result of this bombing?

#3) Why did this news report even mention the bomber holding the Koran? After all, that could give people the “mistaken” impression that there is some sort of connection between Islam and terrorism when we all know the terrorist was just as likely to have been holding a Torah, Bible, or maybe even a statue of the Buddha — ehr, right?

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