Quick Hits For Nov 16, 2004

(*** For this post, I’m going to cover a variety of different topics in three sentences or less ***)

— Regrettably, I’m starting to get the feeling that Arlen Specter is going to be confirmed as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. While I’m not particularly happy about that, I do take comfort in the fact that he has essentially had to promise everyone who’ll listen that he’ll support anyone Bush sends to the Hill in order to get the job. That’s better than nothing although I don’t trust Specter any farther than I could throw him.

— So Powell is out as Secretary of State and Condi Rice is in? Hey, that’s a good trade as far as I’m concerned.

— The Palestinians are scheduled to have elections next month to determine who their new leader will be. While I’d like to be optimistic about the whole thing, I suspect that somehow, someway, whoever can get the most men armed with AK-47s out in the street to support him will end up as the new leader of Arafatastan.

— If you’re a blogger, sign up for Blogdex. It’s quick, easy, and it helps promote conservative stories and conservative bloggers.

— I don’t have the slightest idea whom I’m going to support for President during the Republican primaries, but I can definitively tell you that it isn’t going to be a Chuck Hagel, a RINO who bends over backwards to undercut the GOP just so he can get his name in the news.

— All the conspiracy geeks out there who are claiming that the exit polls prove the elections were fixed (and by the way, how ridiculous is it that this has to be treated seriously?), should keep two things in mind. Number one, the first round of exit polls WAY OVERSAMPLED WOMEN (59% of people polled). Number two, the second round of exit polls showed MUCH TIGHTER NUMBERS than the first round (FL Kerry +1 | PA Kerry +2-4 | OH Kerry +1 | WI Kerry +4 | MI Kerry +2 | NH Kerry +4).

— What’s wrong with this picture?

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement has deployed 80 agents assigned to “fugitive operations teams” in 16 cities to find 400,000 fugitive immigrants in the United States, 80,000 of whom were ordered to leave the country after criminal convictions, the Arizona Republic reported.”

They’re sending out “80 agents” to help find “400,000 fugitive immigrants”?????????

— There has been a lot of carping on the left about Bush purging disloyal agents from the CIA, but that’s nonsense. Trying to undercut the Bush administration with the press and leaking documents to them is not acceptable behavior for CIA agents, whether you agree with the President’s foreign policy or not. The CIA employees who are doing that or allowing it to go on in their departments need to be removed from the agency.

— I’ve heard some wild speculation that John Ashcroft may have quit his post at the DOJ in preparation for a Bush appointment to the Supreme Court. However, that’s not going to happen. Why put up a lightning rod for criticism like Ashcroft for the SCOTUS when you can nominate a judge who is just as conservative, but who is also largely unknown and unlikely to draw as much opposition?

— Hey you liberals in the “reality based community”, when does that draft you were talking about before the election begin? I mean you libs are smarter than all of us “hayseeds” who voted for Bush and said there wasn’t going to be draft, plus you’re “reality based,” (unlike us apparently) right? So when does that eeevvvviilllll Bush draft you said was coming start to crank up?

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