Quote Of The Day #3: Sullivan’s Descent Continues

Andrew Sullivan’s writing has clearly veered from deep confusion and inconsistency into the fringes of moonbat territory:

“But in my darker moments, I wonder whether the war wasn’t a cover to persuade good, open-minded folk like Glenn (Reynolds) to enable the theocratic impulses of the Republican base. Of course, Glenn can wait and see. Gay couples who have had basic rights taken away from them since November, might feel more aggrieved. — Andrew Sullivan

The war was really about Republican “theocratic impulses?” Gay couples have had “basic rights taken away from them since November”? What?

Sullivan started intellectually collapsing sometime around the start of 2004 and it has been downhill ever since. His obsession with gay marriage was bad enough, but he’s gotten to the point where he’s seeing theocrats behind every tree, and getting furious with anyone who doesn’t think the Pope’s motto should be “If it feels good, do it!”

Sully is nothing but a still articulate parody of himself and if anyone hoped that he’d become coherent again after the election was over, they must be bitterly disapointed right now…

Hat Tip to Wizbang! & This Blog Is Full Of Crap for the Sully quote.

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