Quote Of The Day: All That Stuff I Said About Security First? Forget It!

“We get in this kind of a circular firing squad on immigration reform in the Congress of the United States and the lesson I learned from it is we’ve got to have comprehensive immigration reform.” — John McCain

Despite the fact that John McCain has spent months saying that he learned his lesson from the immigration debacle, absolutely nobody seems to believe him when he says that he’s going to secure the border before pursuing an amnesty.

So, when he says something like the above quote, which I expect to see frantic “clarifying” press releases from his campaign on later today, it just reinforces the impression that everyone already has: you can’t believe what he has to say about immigration.

PS: Could this be McCain floating a trial balloon? Could he be getting ready to openly switch back to a pro-comprehensive immigration position? That’s possible because I think that’s what McCain really wants to do in his heart of hearts, but I doubt if he’ll go through with it. I mean, even George Bush, Sr. didn’t break his “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” pledge until AFTER he got elected. If McCain were to support any sort of comprehensive immigration bill at this point, after spending months on the campaign trail saying we need security before a path-to-citizenship, it would torpedo his presidential run — and deservedly so.

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