Quote Of The Day: “Amnesty” John McCain On The Fence

Every time you think it’s almost impossible to like the guy any less, he steps up and surprises you with something new,

“By the way, I think the fence is least effective. But I’ll build the godd*mned fence if they want it.” — John McCain

Update #1: Here’s another quote from the Vanity Fair piece that’s rather telling:

“A year later, with bad feeling still so high that strategist John Weaver had been virtually blackballed from working in Republican politics, Weaver went so far as to sound out Democratic Senate leaders about the possibility of having McCain caucus with them. This would have put the Senate, then divided 50–50, into Democratic control. Aides to two senior Senate Democrats say it was never clear how serious McCain himself was about the proposal, and any possibility that it might actually happen was short-circuited when another Republican, James Jeffords, of Vermont, made the move first, in 2001.”

That’s right. A McCain staffer actually discussed a McCain switch to the Democratic Party in 2001. Now, this guy is supposed to be the front runner for the Republican nomination in 2008? Shouldn’t you actually be a loyal Republican before you’re considered to be the Republican candidate for the Presidency in 2008?

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