Quote Of The Day: Carville Slams Dean

When you have perhaps the most diehard Democratic partisan on the planet, James Carville, saying this about the man who’s probably going to be his party’s nominee, you have to think the Democrats are going to be in a lot of trouble in 2004…

“I told Steve McMahon, the media guy for Dean, who was on ‘Crossfire’: You have one of the three most influential presidential campaigns of my lifetime. That’s the good news. The bad news is the other two are McGovern and Goldwater.”

Professional political operators in the Democratic party, guys like Carville, DO NOT want to see Howard Dean as the nominee in 2004. That’s because they understand that beating Bush would be a real uphill struggle even with one of the Dems “A-List Candidates” like Gore or Hillary Clinton. But putting a guy who comes across as an angry, tax and spend, liberal, peacenik against Bush is almost like bringing McGovern or Carter out of retirement and running them again.

Carville understands this even if Dean’s diehard supporters don’t…

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