Quote Of The Day: Children Who Want To Grow Up To Be Charisma Free Democratic Senators Who Lie About Social Security

My absolute favorite part of the insomnia curing and mostly pointless Democratic response to W’s superb State of the Union Speech was when Harry Reid said,

“A few weeks ago, I joined some friends of mine for a bite to eat at The Nugget – Searchlight’s only restaurant. We were sitting down in a booth, when a young boy, about 10-years-old, named Devon walked up to us.

Carrying a skateboard under his arm, he said, “Senator Reid, when I grow up I want to be just like you.”

Well, the truth is Devon could probably do a lot better. But the point still holds and it is this: no one ever had to tell young Devon to dream big dreams, no one ever had to teach him that America is a place of possibility.”

Way to aim high, kid! If you work really hard — come from a wealthy family, marry a rich widow, or amass a fortune as a trial lawyer — and are willing to lie day in and day out about what kind of shape Social Security is in, you too can be the chief obstructionist in a political party that’s slowly circling the drain in the bathtub of America’s body politic!

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