Quote Of The Day: Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, Whatever. I Guess They All Look Alike To The Clintons.

“How Bill & Hill Are Destroying Obama By Turning Him Into Jesse Jackson

…This is playing out perfectly for the Clintons in South Carolina. It’s a state with a large black population, Obama is winning handily, and Hillary is skipping the state. When Obama wins, it’ll be blown off and portrayed as a state he won because he’s black. The message: his appeal is limited to other blacks. The white candidate, Hillary Clinton, will be the only one who can compete nationally.

The latest comments from Bill Clinton are right out of this meme,

Former President Bill Clinton defended himself Wednesday against accusations that he and his wife had injected the issue of race into the Democratic presidential primary in South Carolina, and he accused Senator Barack Obama of Illinois of putting out a “hit job” on him.

Scolding a reporter, Mr. Clinton said the Obama campaign was “feeding” the news media to keep issues of race alive, obscuring positive coverage of the presidential campaign here of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

“They know this is what you want to cover,” Mr. Clinton told a CNN reporter in Charleston, in an apparent reference to the Obama campaign.

“Shame on you,” the former president added.

See? It’s really Jesse Jacks…I mean Obama, who’s injecting race into the campaign, not the Clintons. Gosh, the Clintons just wish that Obama would stick to the issues instead of trying to make this about race.” — Right Wing News, Jan 24, 2008

“Said Bill Clinton today in Columbia, SC: “Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in ’84 and ’88. Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here.”

This was in response to a question from ABC News’ David Wright about it taking “two Clintons to beat” Obama. Jackson had not been mentioned.

Boy, I can’t understand why anyone would think the Clintons are running a race-baiting campaign to paint Obama as “the black candidate.” — Jake Tapper, ABC News, Jan 26

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