Quote Of The Day: Limbaugh On How Big The Illegal Immigration Issue Has Gotten

“I’ll tell you what, this issue is causing more divisions in the Republican Party than any issue that I can recall in a long time, including the Dubai Ports deal. I can’t recall an issue. I’ve been doing this for 18 years. It will be 18 years in August, a big anniversary coming up. I can’t remember. I’m trying to think. There have been some, but I can’t think of any single issue which has Republicans, slash, conservatives more up in arms than this one — and particularly with the apparent lack of response at the highest levels of government, House, Senate, White House.

The House Bank was a big deal, and the House Post Office, and some of those corruption scandals that existed back in the late eighties and early nineties, but this is incredible.” — Rush Limbaugh

Do Republicans in Washington really believe they can pass a bill that’s perceived as being soft on illegal immigration and not face an absolute bloodletting at the polls in November? If so, boy are they mistaken.

Hat tip to Polipundit for the quote.

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