Quote Of The Day: The Democratic Party Is In Deeper Trouble Than People Realize

About the only thing Democrats here seemed united on was a deep dislike for President Bush. But that won’t be enough, they were told by Al From, founder of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council, which organized this “national conversation.”

Employing statistics from the national census and the 2004 presidential election, From hit his audience, including some 300 elected Democratic officials, with this grim picture of why he believes Democrats need a new act:

For every two Americans who say they’re liberals, three are conservatives. Democrats lost 97 of the 100 fastest-growing counties in the country last year. Small cities and most suburbs buried the Democratic ticket. Ditto married couples with children. The Democratic vote among the Hispanic population fell 40 percent from 2000. And it collapsed among voters earning more than $40,000 a year.

Noting that Sen. John Kerry got a bigger vote among Democrats in losing than Bill Clinton did in winning, From declared that “the Democratic base is not big enough to win. The country is more conservative.” — The Star-Ledger

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