Quote Of The Day: The Kerry Campaign As Chappaquiddick Redux

Rush Limbaugh came up with the perfect analogy for the Kerry campaign today and it was a thing of beauty to behold…

“… John Kerry’s, campaign. It’s like Chappaquiddick. It’s like a car sinking to the bottom of a river with a drunk behind the wheel and the Democratic Party as the passenger. That’s the John Kerry campaign. Chappaquiddick redux.”

And indeed, it is. There has been a lot of lousy news in Iraq, book after book after book has targeted the Bushies, the partisans on the 9/11 commission have been gunning for administration, the Shadow Democratic Party has been pumping out the ads…and Bush has still managed to get stronger.

As much as anything, that’s because Kerry, despite getting kid gloves treatment from the press most of the time, has run such a mediocre campaign. And sadly, for the Democrats, the two big issues of the campaign seem to be the economy/jobs and homeland security/war on terrorism, both of which will be big losers for John Kerry in Nov.

The economy has actually been roaring for about 9 months now and the first quarter job number were superb. Yet, Bush goes from even with Kerry to a few points down on job related issues right on most polls I’ve seen lately. But, if the economy stays as strong as it is today, all the way through the election — and that looks likely — I expect Bush to be up by 10 points on numbers related to handling the economy and job creation by November. Even with a friendly press helping them out, I just don’t believe Kerry and company can fool people about how well the economy is doing for over a YEAR.

The War on terrorism will likely be a BIGGER PROBLEM for Kerry because even with things going poorly in Iraq right now, Kerry still can’t get any traction. But honestly, that’s not a big surprise. Kerry is a Massachusetts liberal and former radical anti-war protestor who voted against the Gulf War, voted against funding the troops in Iraq, and tried to eviscerate our military and intelligence services in the mid-eighties while the Cold War was hot and heavy.

So we’re talking about a guy who is almost as weak as his pal Ted Kennedy on defense, yet he’s trying to convince the American people he can be trusted to fight terrorism. So what does he do? He claims that he’s the guy to take on Al-Qaeda because he won some medals 36 years ago, medals that he later pretended to throw away. Then when anyone brings up Kerry’s three decade plus abysmal record on defense issues, JFK simply doges the issue by saying his patriotism is being questioned. The last guy who tried that lame routine was Max Cleland who now has lots of time to campaign for Kerry since he lost his own Senate seat. It’s not going to work for Kerry either and as far as I can tell, Senator Flip-Flop has no back-up plan.

So it looks as if we’re going to find out whether John Kerry can beat George Bush in the midst of a strong economy, while running on a platform of “I’m not Bush and I fought in Vietnam”. I strongly suspect the answer to that question is “no,” but time is going to tell whether Kerry becomes the next POTUS or more likely, loses big and drags a lot of Democratic Senate, House, & Gubernatorial candidates down with him…

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