Quote Of The Day: When The Democrats Put Politics Above America’s Safety

“And when I’m asked by reporters (which I am often) of whether or not the accusations that the president “lied” to go to war are gaining traction, I note that it’s been the same accusation lobbed by the Dems for 18 months+ now, and is a smear that is obviously not sticking. After all, if you throw a noodle on the fridge to see if it’s done, and it keeps sliding off, throwing it over and over again isn’t going to change the fact that it’s not going to work. The smear in this instance not only is an insult to the president, but to all of us. It also sends a message to the enemy–that half of the leadership of this nation have a vested interest in us losing this war because they are controlled by a sickness which makes them believe them they can only win when bad things to happen to this nation.

Think about it this way–what if during World War II the Republicans kept arguing that the war was a “quagmire” and that President Roosevelt “lied” about Pearl Harbor, and that the Germans had done nothing to us, as a result he had “misled” us into the war. Then they start asking for a “time table” to get out of Europe. Does that sound normal to you? Or reasonable? Or does it sound like a defeatist, Hate-America first attitude? It certainly would have been manna to the ears of Hitler and Tojo.” — Tammy Bruce

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