Quote Of The Day: White “Resentment”

“The white “resentment” that Obama speaks of does not primarily come from direct effects of affirmative action or the welfare state. It comes from the societal message that the majority of white people, who have had no part in oppressing anyone, are asked again and again and again to take responsibility for ills they did not cause (and, in many cases have been caused by earlier attempts at assuaging white guilt, like paternalistic welfare). They are lectured about creating a healing “dialogue” in which they don’t feel free to speak, lest they employ the wrong politically correct buzz word and confirm their “inherent prejudice.” They must feel guilt for “institutional racism” when many of them have never been a part of any racist institution. They’re flagellated for benefiting from “white privilege” when many of them don’t feel terribly privileged at all.

And, despite engaging in this years-long culturally honored guilt-fest to atone for sins they did not commit, they know that they’d instantly become trogolodytic racists in the eyes of the world for one wrong word, while Jeremiah Wright is excused and even applauded in some quarters for a 20-year stream of hate.” — Mary Katharine Ham

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