Quote Of The Day: Why Don’t “New Professionals” Believe Bloggers Are Journalists?

“Still, the majority of the news professionals don’t believe bloggers deserve to be called journalists.” Why not? Because there’s no filter? They didn’t go to University of Missouri J School, didn’t go to Harvard, didn’t go to Columbia, they don’t have a degree? Why shouldn’t they be called journalists? They’re just sitting around telling people what’s happening. That’s what journalism is supposed to do. They’re offering their opinions just like everybody else in journalism does. Public polling today is just the latest arm of opinion journalism. The editorial page is indistinguishable from the front page at the New York Times, in terms of content. Why aren’t these guys journalists? Because they wear pajamas? They don’t go to a big building with a printing press in it? Why aren’t they journalists? Why is the press so afraid of bloggers when less than 10% of the American people read blogs? Why are they so afraid of bloggers? …(It’s) because the bloggers and all of their other critics are getting it right — and that causes fear…” — Rush Limbaugh

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