Quote Of The Day: You Can’t Steal Your Way Into This Country And Demand Stuff In Another Language

The residents of Arizona, who have seen their state deluged with “undocumented workers”, have gotten fed up and recently started cracking down hard on illegal aliens.

Well, this prompted a group called “Centro de Ayuda” to call for a boycott to protest the fact that Arizonans aren’t being hospitable enough to the illegal immigrants who are pouring into their state.

Happily, the pro-illegal alien boycott failed miserably. It also prompted Arizona State Rep. Russell Pearce to say the following:

“They’re boycotting because we believe the law ought to stand for something; they’re boycotting because we don’t think you can come here illegally and get free stuff; they’re boycotting because we think they ought to be citizens of the United States before they can vote. This has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with the law. You can’t steal your way into this country and demand stuff in another language.”

Spot-on Russell, spot-on!

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