Quotes Of The Day: Barack & Hope

“I called up pearatty last night after watching a particularly horrific Hillary Clintton interview with George somethingsomethingopolis.

“I’m losing faith,” I cried, “maybe Obama is better.”

“Dawn,” she said, “Obama is all style. No substance. He’s all “I want to send children to the moon,” and then when you ask how he says “Hope.”

That made me laugh.

He totally would say hope.” — Liberal blogger Dawn Summers at Clareified

Hat tip to Alarming News for that quote.

“(Obama’s) big themes are Change Hope and Unity…I suspect that after he’s elected, we’ll hear much less about Change and Unity and a lot more about Hope. As in, “I Hope this doesn’t end in a huge disaster. I Hope he doesn’t wreck the economy. I Hope he’s not too overwhelmed by the complexity and horror of the world. I Hope I survive this administration.”

BTW — prepare now for the national orgy of self-congratulations starting with His inauguration and climaxing with His first State of the Union. After that, it all goes downhill rather quickly. Buy gold. “– A reader email to The Corner

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