Quotes Of The Day: Hillary On Iraq Vs. Hillary On Sudan

“On Iraq: “We have to chart a new course that emphasizes greater Iraqi responsibility. I still believe that is the path we should be taking. Instead, the President has chosen a very narrow course that relies heavily on American military force.” — Hillary Clinton, Congressional Record, 2/7/2007

On Darfur: “…a letter that on January 16th I, along with 21 of my colleagues, including several members of this committee, sent to President Bush asking for an explanation of what Plan B steps he was considering with respect to Darfur, including possible punitive military action, such as a no-fly zone, or a blockade of Port Sudan.” “Obviously, we are facing once again the repeated and blatant violations of numerous cease-fires, peace agreements and U.N. obligations.” “This…could be accomplished with a significantly smaller outlay of resources by directing punitive strikes against Sudanese planes known to have taken part in illegal bombing missions.” — Hillary Clinton, Armed Services Committee, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 2/6/2007

Typical liberal. She doesn’t want to fight the war we’re in, but she says she’s ready to go fight somewhere else as long as the United States doesn’t benefit from the fight in any way.

PS: Wouldn’t advocating military action against Sudan make Hillary a chickenhawk?

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