Quotes Of The Day: Ouch Dean & Hill, Ouch

Our first quote of day comes from Bob Dole who apparently can’t stand Howard Dean. How else can you explain a man who generally comes off as a grandfatherly statesman saying this about George McGovern, ehr..I mean Jimmy Carter, oh shoot, I mean Howard Dean (sorry, you can barely tell the three of them apart when it comes to foreign policy).

“I thank God F.D.R. was my commander in chief in WWII. Had it been Howard Dean we would have not participated. This would have saved lives and none of us would have been wounded. Just one little problem: we would have lost our liberty and freedom.”

OUCH! That has got to hurt. But if you thought that was brutal, wait until you read this quote about Hillary’s visit to Iraq from the American Prowler (it is from an unnamed source so take it with a grain a salt)….

“In fact so few U.S. military personnel volunteered to meet and sit with (Hillary), that military leaders in Baghdad had to designate enlisted personnel and junior officers to spend time with the New York senator.

“The meetings with [Iraqi administrator Paul] Bremer went fine, but we weren’t finding a lot of takers on meeting with Clinton and [Rhode Island Democratic senator Jack] Reed,” says an American staffer in Baghdad. “Maybe there weren’t a lot of New Yorkers in the area.”

You mean the fine men and women risking their lives for our freedom over in Iraq don’t want to have anything to do with Hillary? Why, who’d of thunk it? =D

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