Race War in California?

I shook my head as I read the op-ed, “Latino leaders’ silence is killing blacks.” Somebody ought to tell Jesse Jackson that his hoped-for black-brown coalition isn’t meant to be.

I’ve blogged about the gang warfare going on between hispanics and blacks in California a few times, wondering why in the world black and hispanic so-called leaders are not marching, shouting, and demanding an end to the violence. If white people were killing blacks venturing into “their” territory, there’d be an international backlash. While international newspapers have picked up on the story, they express no outrage whatsoever. At least none I can perceive.

Let’s face it: Minority groups preying on each other just isn’t interesting, and trying to stop them isn’t profitable.

I’ve also blogged about inane hate crime laws. Although I believe they’re totally unnecessary, I smirk every time I hear about a racial minority being charged with a hate crime because we all know (*wink, wink*) hate crime laws were intended to police the thoughts of white, heterosexual men.

Solutions, solutions. How do we stop the race war in California? Well, we can begin by declaring martial law in California and rounding up and deporting gang members who are illegal aliens.

Your recommendations?

La Shawn Barber currently is on hiatus from her own blog but couldn’t resist the opportunity to stir up trouble at Right Wing News.

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