Radio Appearance On “The Breakfast Club”

This morning at 7:35 A.M. I’m supposed to be doing a radio show out of Jamaica called “The Breakfast Club.”

We are going to be “discussing the impact of neoconservatism on US foreign policy. What is neoconservatism? What is its philosophy? Who are the neoconservatists? What is the extent of their influence?”

To the best of my knowledge, there’s no way to catch this show on the web and I’m not sure that I have any readers in Jamaica (yet), but hopefully I can make it through 25 minutes on the air without creating an international incident =D…

*** Update #1 ***: I was on the show with Ian Williams who seemed to be a standard boilerplate lib and we were really talking about the philosophy behind conservative foreign policy more than anything else.

The hosts also seemed to lean a bit to the left a bit given that I was asked things like, “Does might make right?” and “Do conservatives want to have an imperialist foreign policy?”

On the upside, near the end I got to make it clear that I didn’t think much of international law and the UN, that we in the US should act in our own national interests, and that I believe in American exceptionalism. I’m sure liberal heads are exploding all over Jamaica at this very moment =D

All in all, I had a blast although I’m not sure if the hosts enjoyed all the red meat or were appalled at the bare chested conservatism I was unleashing on their show =D

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