Radio Appearances: The BBC’s World Have Your Say & the Politics of Money

So, early this morning, probably an hour after I’ve gone to bed, I got a call from the BBC’s World Have Your Say radio program asking me to be on their show this afternoon — which was before I was planning to get up (Yes, I do have an odd schedule. Thank you, blogging!) — in order to talk about whether race is a factor in the Democratic race. After talking to them for 5 minutes or so, I agreed to do the show, despite the fact that I’ve had a problem with them before. Ironically, they then called me back for an appearance a full hour before I had agreed to be on their program, which meant that they got to wake me up twice in the same day….but, that’s OK.

What’s not OK is that the BBC’s World Have Your Say radio program does something that is very annoying and also, in my opinion, a little dishonest. They have guests on and then they have what sound like callers, who are actually ALSO unidentified guests booked on the show.

They have done this to me (and for that matter, other bloggers) before — asked me to be a guest on their show and then announced me as “John from North Carolina,” as if I had just called in to the show.

After they did that to me on my first appearance on the show, I gave them hell about it the 2nd time they asked me to be on and they promised not to do it again.

Well, guess what? They did it again today. Then, after I was on the air, it was, “Would you like to stay on a little longer?” Ehr…no, “John from North Carolina” doesn’t do radio programs that don’t even tell people who he is or what the name of his blog is.

So, I am done with that lame show.

On the other hand, the fine folks at the Politics of Money are having me on at 4:15 EST. Feel free to head on over and listen live.

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