Rate the Debate!

As John announced earlier, I will be liveblogging the debate tonight here on Right Wing News.

In addition to posting my thoughts before, during and after the debate tonight, I will be participating in a unique user-generated media review called “Rate the Debates”–and I encourage you all to do the same.

Here’s some of the details:

Free Press has launched RatetheDebates.org, a citizen-driven guide to better media coverage of the issues that matter most to Americans. Viewers can sign up to use our online tool to rate how well the media moderates the debates as they happen. We will immediately tally users’ responses and inject our people-powered feedback into the news cycle — before media pundits and spin doctors (mis)interpret the events for their viewers.

Because the debates may play a major role in determining the next president, we want to give as many people the opportunity to rate the debates as possible. Don’t let the media hijack the debates and focus on campaign gossip and shallow questions. Demand they focus on the issues you care about, and hold them accountable when they don’t.

RatetheDebates.org will help reporters focus on real issues like the economy over campaign gossip and candidate gaffes. Now more than ever, we need the media to be the watchdogs of our democracy.

The project is sponsored by a nonpartisan group and is not being marketed as an attack on liberal bias–per se. It is, however, a great opportunity for those of us concerned about liberal media bias to speak up on a national platform if we see unfair biases of individual moderators or networks coming through.

Sign up at http://www.RateTheDebates.org. You don’t need to be a blogger or an expert to participate; they’re just looking for average Americans to give their honest opinions.

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