Reading List

I have read an ENORMOUS number of books in my life. I’ve hit everything from horror to history, politics, fiction, fantasy, psychology, to true crime. I know I’ve read a 1000+ books in my life easy even though I’m probably only chewing through 20-25 books a year these days because I’m so busy with RWN.

Lately, I’ve been focusing more on history & politics and I’ve got a large backlog of books that I’ve bought, been given as gifts, or that were sent to me by publishers hoping to get a review.

Just for the heck, I thought you might like to see the next few books I already have on the shelf, ready to read. If any of you have read these books, maybe you can give me a review…

Just Finished: Michael Savage — “The Savage Nation”
Currently Reading: Thomas Sowell — “The Vision Of The Annointed”

Next Up

Peter Collier & David Horrowtiz — “Destructive Generation”
Craig S. Davis — “The Middle East For Dummies”
Oriana Fallaci — “The Rage And The Pride”
Milton & Rose Friedman — “Free To Choose”
F.A. Hayek — “The Road To Serfdom”
Joseph Heller — “Catch-22”
Robert Heinlein — “Time Enough For Love”
Thomas Paine — “Common Sense”
Patrick Sauer — “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To The American Presidents”
Joseph Wheelan — “Jefferson’s War”

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