Reagan & The Lack Of Decency On The Left

This week, the behavior of many people on the left has been not just boorish, but despicable and beneath contempt. Even though I’m very familiar with the “everything is politics” mentality of the left, I was surprised at how so many liberals just couldn’t contain their hatred until the body was in the ground.

And I’m not talking so much about the left’s petty complaints that the coverage of Reagan’s death was “excessive” (although it was particularly crass & crude of Wonkette to describe it as “Gipperporn”), the neverending stream of attacks on Reagan & his policies, the Gipper being trashed in the comments section of John Kerry’s official blog, or even Bill and Hillary Clinton both nodding off while they were sitting in the front row at the funeral….

No, I’m talking about the vast numbers of left-wingers who hurled the most vile and sickening epithets imaginable at Ronald Reagan, while his wife, children, and the rest of the nation were in mourning. I’m talking about people so lacking in basic, fundamental, human decency that they couldn’t even wait until Reagan was buried to vent their spleen at him. Like the protestors who held up Reagan in Hell signs at the funeral today, there have been legions of left-wingers who just couldn’t help but say things like this…


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