Real Kook Or Fake Kook: You Decide!

Here’s a particularly wacky statement that was in the comments section of the The Democratic Underground: Terror Threat? What Terror Threat? thread yesterday:

“Remember, Remember Bush MIHOP. He seduced the American people into believing that the biggest threat to our existence was the A-rabs. Bush threw a dart at a map to determine which non-white people he was going to screw for absolute power. People… we are living V for Vendetta! Bush is Chancellor Sutler and Cheney is Mister Creedy. The American people were making up to the masterful bullshite that was 9/11 and him and Haliburton had to remind us all why we needed them to trample our rights. Pretty soon.. we are going to see a law that says we must swear allegiance to Jeebus. All who are non-believers in Jeebus will end up in camps. All who fall under the category of sexually diverse will end up in camps. We are living V for Vendetta. This foiled plot is what is supposed to begin the next phase of the plot for absolute power and this is America Under Jeebus. We are going to become the Republic of Jeebus and we will be required to watch hourly religious broadcasts from the government’s official religious spokespeople and they will all be Pentecostal. Women will be oppressed. Abortion will be outlawed. We are living V for Vendetta and people are going to get their Valerie Letter and WE. WILL. FIGHT. which means we’ll sit on our *ss and pretend we live in a totalitarian state and when this is all over.. a book will be written entitled American Police State: Jesus Land and Tim Robbins will make an Oscar winning film 10 years from now.

Viva la Revolucion! Hasta la Victoria Siempre!” — VoiceOfTheWorker

Is this post from a kook or someone pretending to be a kook? Keep in mind that there are people this crazy out there, particularly on the Democratic Underground. Also, note the Commie nickname. As we all know, Commies are a little crazier than ordinary people — which is part of the reason that they’re Commies.

So, what do you think? Is this post from a real kook or a fake kook?

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