Refusing To Face Reality: We

Refusing To Face Reality: We still have politicians talking about the Saudi peace plan and the “peace process” like they’re something other than wishful thinking, but it’s time to face reality….

Polls in the Jerusalem Post daily found widespread opposition to a Saudi peace plan among both Israelis and Palestinians. According to the Saudi plan, Israel would leave all territories it captured in the 1967 war, including the West Bank, Gaza Strip, east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, in exchange for peaceful relations with the Arab world.

A poll by the Smith Institute found that 22 percent of Israelis favor the plan, while 73 percent were opposed. The survey questioned 501 Israelis and quoted a 4.5 percentage point margin of error.

A poll by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion showed that 62 percent opposed the Saudi plan and 24 percent were in favor. The poll questioned 1,181 Palestinians and quoted a 2.85 percentage point margin of error. The Saudi plan is vague on the fate of refugees, a core issue for the Palestinians.”

The Palestinians insist on the “right of return” and the Israelis don’t believe any obviously transparent lies about “peaceful relations with the Arab world”, so NEITHER side is interested in the Saudi plan. The only thing that is left to be decided is how many Israeli civilians are going to needlessly die in terrorist attacks before Israel unloads on Arafat & the Palestinians.

Like I said before, this will not be settled peacefully.

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