Republicans Can Learn From Vernon Robinson’s Ads

Do you remember the now famous, “Twilight Zone“, ad from North Carolina congressional candidate Vernon Robinson?

Well, it turns out he has plenty more great ads where that one came from:

TV Ads

Twilight Zone
You Needed That Job

Radio Ads

Beverly Hill-Miller
Brad Miller’s Mariachi Party
Bill Cosby Radio Ad
Illegal Aliens Radio Ad

These ads are devastatingly effective, will play well in North Carolina, and have helped Robinson raise $804,934 so far which is just phenomenal for a Republican challenger going up against an entrenched incumbent.

Republican candidates all across the country should be studying these ads and trying to see what to learn from them. Granted, these ads are probably a little too bare knuckled for most Republicans, but if they were watered down a notch or two they’d still be potent and better than what most Republicans are putting on the air.

PS: Can Robinson beat Brad Miller, who is extremely liberal? Honestly, yes, he has a real shot. Robinson is keeping up with him on fund raising, the district only went to Kerry 52% to 47% over Bush in 2004, and North Carolina Democrats are not as liberal as a lot of other Dems across the country. Combine that with the fact that this is a year in which there’s a lot of anti-incumbent sentiment out there and it means that Robinson is definitely capable of pulling off an upset.

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