Republicans Redeeming This Election Any Way They Can

Does anyone love John McCain besides his family and Joe Lieberman and certain segments of the press? I’ve pondered before that moderates get no love because they tend to piss everyone off–kinda like countries claiming to be neutral. Pick a side and stay on it. McCain claims to transcend politics, to be motivated to do what is “right” no matter the issue. He isn’t political, he’s principled.

Bull and shit.

John McCain’s overarching principle is John McCain. As far as I can tell, he’s the only one he’s interested in serving. And that makes him different from other politicians, how? What is unique about John McCain is that he doesn’t go to the trouble of even attempting to pander to his constituents. He’s balls off about making it clear that he will do things his own damn way. North Carolina can suck his butt. Conservatives can bite his hiney. He just doesn’t care.

On this delightful backdrop, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama duke it out for their party’s nomination. Democrats kvetch that Republicans are too smug. Or “smiling too much”, whatever. At this point, Republicans are looking for something, anything, that is remotely encouraging about this election. We’re settling for entertainment.

The Republicans changing party affiliation get the pleasure of irritating Democrats while not-so-subtly flipping McCain the bird. Yeah, we’ll end up voting for him because we actually care about our soldiers and it is somewhat satisfying that McCain’s craziness will frighten would be terrorist states. But it’s not all that comforting. We know McCain. He actually has a record, unlike the no-talent-ass-clown Democratic contenders. He wasn’t a community activist. He put his activist pet ideas into practice as a Senator. Lucky us!

Conservatives, libertarians and Republicans know the press will manipulate things to favor their Anointed One no matter his Black Liberation Theology. It’s more than guilt by association. It’s guilt–Obama is embarrassed to be American. Obama has some work to do to convince America about the content of his character and worthiness of his ideas.

The Right also know that Hillary will schlep on until the very end. She’s not a quitter, no siree. So why not help her in her quest? It’s something fun to do while waiting for the inevitable.

And what is the inevitable? Well, one of these three is going to win the presidency and none of them are particularly impressive to anyone with conservative values. For conservatives, this election is about who will do the least damage. It’s hoped that that person is John McCain.

Cross-posted at Dr. Melissa Clouthier.

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