Republicans Will Steal The 2008 Election

You know, the surest sign that the Democrats are waking from their collective Obama hangover is this: is a project of Democrats for America’s Future (DAF) DAF is mobilizing the project to monitor voter registration and the actual vote on Election Day in 2008. The campaign will shine a public spotlight on every last irregularity. Democrats for America’s Future is urging every Democratic candidate to pledge not to concede a single race until every last vote is counted.

In his appeal to Democrats, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. writes: “No more 2000s and 2004s! … The Republican Party mounted a coordinated, criminal campaign to steal the 2004 Presidential election — and it worked. Now, as another election approaches, you and I need to stand together to make absolutely certain it doesn’t happen again … We need your support to raise the funds now to make sure that ‘no voter is left behind’ on Election Day!”

I received this email today from the organizers. This is, of course, pure projection and begs for some ACORN attention. That liberal group has been investigated, and convicted, repeatedly of voter fraud.

Michelle Malkin has covered the ACORN nuts here, here and here.

It’s just silly that the Dems are concerned about voter fraud. Watch them. When they start accusing, is when they reveal their own tactics.

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