Responding To Some Of The Common Objections To The Federal Government Trying To Save Terri Schiavo’s Life

It’s A State’s Rights Issue: This is a particularly unpersuasive point. Since when do unelected judges represent the wishes of a state? Particularly when they’re running roughshod over the desires of an elected state legislature…

It’s Big Government At Its Worst: Nonsense! I find it amazing that the same people who support the government using force to prevent citizens from bringing food and water to an innocent woman who’s being starved to death, think the Federal government is overstepping its bounds by wanting to make sure this woman is in a persistent vegetative state before she’s snuffed out.

The Federal Government has been admirably restrained in dealing with this issue and has tailored their legislation to deal with the unique circumstances of this particular case. Their actions are not designed to usurp new powers for the Federal Government, but to prevent the power of the state from being used to take Terri Schiavo’s life.

Furthermore, you don’t like broad overreaching bills designed to give vast new powers to the government? Then you should hope against hope that Terri Schiavo doesn’t die under these circumstances. If and when she does, look for intrusive new legislation to be slammed through Congress in the emotional aftermath of her death. Saving her life is the best way to prevent the growth of the nannystate.

Stepping In To Save Terri Schiavo’s Life Isn’t Conservative: Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see anything conservative about starving an innocent woman to death based on highly debatable evidence about her medical condition while her helpless parents are prevented from aiding her by the government. Furthermore, if there’s anyone out there planning on strangling cripples or smothering the mentally handicapped, you can count me out as well.

The Federal Government Is Interfering With Terri Schiavo’s Right To Die: Terri Schiavo’s wishes in this situation are unknown. The only evidence we have that she would prefer to be dead is the word of her husband who revealed that information years after she was injured. Whether you or I would prefer to live on in that situation is irrelevant, Terri’s wishes are what’s important, and there’s no reliable way to ascertain them.

Terri Schiavo Is In A Persistent Vegetative State: That is hotly disputed and there’s evidence that she’s conscious, recognizes family members, and even laughs at jokes.

The Federal Government Is Interfering In The Schiavo’s Marriage: Please! Michael Schiavo has been living with another woman for 10 years and has two children by her! There may be a marriage certificate that says they’re still man and wife, but in effect, Michael walked out on Terri Schiavo a decade ago.

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