Rest In Peace, William F. Buckley

I don’t have anything to say about William F. Buckley’s passing that will surpass the eloquent tributes that are being posted all across the net on the Right, but I thought I should at least say a few words about the man.

Long story short, Buckley was an enormously important figure who, through his efforts, made a huge impact on conservatism, and thus, the country. Furthermore, the man lived to a ripe old age, had a big family, changed our nation for the better, and his greatest creation, National Review, is still the flagship publication for conservatives. The rest of us should accomplish so much before we shuffle our mortal coils.

It’s certainly a very sad time for William F. Buckley’s friends, family, and admirers — and my condolences go out to them, but at least they can take a little comfort in the fact that he used the limited time we short lived creatures have on earth to such great effect and that so many people are acknowledging it.

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