Retro RWN #3 For Election 2004

(*** Note: For the rest of this week, I’ll be putting up a retro article each day that features 10 previously seen RWN posts that boost Bush, bash Kerry, or that cover key issues. Feel free to email them out to friends who you think might be on the fence. ***)

40 Reasons To Vote For George Bush Or Against John Kerry
An Interview With John O’Neill
Why The Swift Boat Veterans For Truth Matter
There Ain’t Gonna Be A “Bush Draft”
President Bush’s Speech on Pearl Harbor Day, 2001
If You Say Bush Lied About WMD, Then You Better Call Kerry A Liar Too
The Top Speech Excerpts From The Republican Convention
America Stepped To The Right On 9/11
Answering John Kerry’s Lame Questions
The Type Of Man George W. Bush Is (***Updated***)

Retro RWN for Election 2004 is located here
Retro RWN #2 for Election 2004 is located here

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