Retro RWN For Election 2004

(*** Note: For the rest of this week, I’ll be putting up a retro article each day that features 10 previously seen RWN posts that boost Bush, bash Kerry, or that cover key issues. Feel free to email them out to friends who you think might be on the fence. ***)

John Kerry Didn’t Support The Troops In His Post-Vietnam Days
The Conservative Thinking Behind The War On Terrorism
A Blogger Symposium On The 2004 Presidential Election
John Kerry On Iraq: Weathervane In A Windstorm
Like Duh, Of Course Al-Qaida Would Prefer That John Kerry Become President
Bush Has Often Met With Wounded Soldiers & Families Of The Fallen
George Bush’s Wildly Successful War On Terrorism
A Response To “10 Reasons To Fire George W. Bush”
Transcript of GWB’s Sept 20th, 2001 Speech
How Many Times Does It Have To Be Said: There Isn’t Going To Be A Draft!

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