Rewriting History To Attack Bush On Iraq

Rewriting History To Attack Bush On Iraq: If you picked up a paper in the last week or so, you probably got the impression that George Bush spent a year demanding an Iraqi invasion based on claims that Saddam had reconstituted nuclear weapons with uranium bought in Niger. But now that the war is over, we’ve found out that it was all a lie & there were never any weapons of mass destruction to begin with. So far, nobody has suggested putting Saddam back in power, apologizing, and sending him a fruit basket, but just give them time.

Of course, that wasn’t how it actually happened. While the Bush administration certainly talked extensively about weapons of mass destruction, they also continuously discussed Iraq’s breaking of UN Resolutions, freedom for the Iraqi people, and Iraq’s ties to Al Qaeda & terrorism. But I’m sure many of Bush’s critics were too busy screaming about a “war for oil” & “US imperialism” to pay attention to what the Bush administration was actually saying; so we’ll have to forgive them. (Cont)

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