Right Wing News Vs. The League Of The South

While I was defending Tom Tancredo from the outrageous smear leveled at him by the Southern Poverty Law Center, I trashed a Southern-successionist group called the League of the South. Apparently that ruffled a few feathers over at the LOS, because some of them have been posting in the comments section and writing me emails. Here’s one I got from a Jeffrey D. Murrah:

“Dear John,

Although I applaud your comments about the SPLC, I am concerned that you refer to the League of the South as ‘Idiots”. What do you mean by that? Is this just a reactionary response or do you seriously see the League of the South as ‘idiots’? As a proud member of the League of the South, it concerns me that you consider us idiots. We desire liberty for our families, and our nation. We hold to Christian values and see the current government policies as detrimental to many if not all of those freedoms. When the government places itself above the law as it did in the Montgomery ten commandment case, promotes abortion, goes out of its way to promote and protect illegal Muslim and other thrid world invaders soemthing it wrong. It is wrong when the government purposely removes Christian symbols and runs rough shod over any display of Christian values we speak out against that. We see our cause as that of the Patriots in 1776, Texas in 1836, the Confederacy in 1861 and in the South today.

Is our love of liberty and willingness to speak out the reason we are idiots? We want liberty, we want Christian liberties, we want to raise our families in the land that our forefathers gave us. If that is what makes us idiots, we need more idiots. If that does make us idiots, it could be because we have not been indoctrinated at government schools to believe the party line. I plead guitly of not holding to the party line. Are you guilty of holding to the party line? As larger amounts of our sovreignty are given away, as your parental rights are taken away and other freedoms disappear, will you still maintain the ‘party line’? I urge you to reconsider your judgemental reaction to the League and its cause. The cause of the League is the cause of all who cherish liberty and oppose oppressive tyranny, no matter how it is packaged.

Jeffrey D. Murrah
State Chairman
Texas League of the South”

Let me tell you why I called you idiots: setting the racial stuff aside, because I know your group denies being a racist organization and I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, it’s because you’re part of a group that explicitly favors secession.

Not only has the question of how to handle secession been decided by the outcome of the Civil war, the American people in both the North and the South overwhelmingly think it was decided the right way. If somehow, someway, Texas seceded tomorrow, the first people calling for the US government to step up and force the state back into the fold would be the overwhelming majority of the people of Texas. The same goes for every single state in the South.

But, of course, you know that. Hence the wording of your email, which talks about Christianity, liberty, parental rights, being tough on illegal immigration, etc. That’s not really what the League of the South is all about. If it was, there are hundreds of other organizations that believe in many of those same values that you could have joined. Of course, when you’re part of an organization that’s all about something like secession, it’s hard to blame you for trying to change the subject.

In my book, people with your views are like the flip side of the Yankee snobs who look down on Southerners and regard the men who fought with honor to defend their homes during the war to be evil. Long story short, the Civil War has long since been over and practically no one wants to refight it, so these sort of calls of secession are inappropriate and yes, idiotic.

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Update #1: By the way, on a related matter, I spoke to a media guy over at the Southern Poverty Law Center today and clearly explained to him that not only do Tancredo’s people deny that the LOS sponsored the event, but James Layden, the Chairman of the South Carolina League of the South, denies that his group sponsored the event.

So, the SPLC is aware that their story is wrong and yet, not only have they not corrected the record, they’ve actually added a graphic to the story instead of correcting the record. That tells me that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a fundamentally dishonest group.

PS: Here’s more from the Rocky Mountain News and the Carlsbad Current-Argus that show the SPLC is absolutely wrong.

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