Right Wing News Would Like To Welcome Our New Advertiser: The United Nations!

Some of you may have noticed my new advertiser: the United Nations Foundation. Now, I must admit, it seems very odd to me that the UN is advertising on RWN. In fact, it’s kind of like the KKK buying an ad at the ADL website. You know — who would imagine it? But, I am a capitalist and since my taxes are used in part to pay UN dues, I figure I’m getting at least $65 of my own money back by selling them an ad.

Now some of you may be wondering: Hawkins, are you going to be as hard on the UN now that they’re buying advertising from you?

Well — the truth is, folks, they are an advertiser, so I need to show them a little deference and ease up.

For example, it wouldn’t be polite of me to point out that despite the fact that the ad on the page is touting how “tough” the UN is on terrorism, the camps the UN runs for the Palestinians are terrorist enclaves. Moreover, it certainly wouldn’t be diplomatic of me to point out this excerpt from my interview with Jed Babbin:

Jed Babbin: “Also, I would point you to Page 155 of my book. There’s a picture there of the UN peacekeeping outpost on the Israel-Lebanon border and there are two flags flying side by side. It’s a UN peacekeeping outpost so as you’d expect, hunky dorey, you know, there’s the UN flag. Flying 10 or 15 feet away is the flag of Hizbollah.

As you recall, I’m sure, Hizbollah has more American blood on its hands than any other terrorist organization except perhaps Al Qaeda. I think the Marines who lost 241 of their comrades in the Beirut barracks bombing in November of 1983 have a very clear recollection of Hizbollah.

It is outrageous to me that the United States would allow the UN to have this go on and it is obscene and an insult to the memory of all of those brave young men who died that day for this to go on. There’s a lot of reasons, oil for food and all the rest of that, to start cutting off the flow of money from the US to the UN but I’ll tell you what; Were it up to me, until that flag came down, those guys wouldn’t get one Yankee dollar.

I would say that I agree with Jed 110% and that the UN is a total joke when it comes to fighting terrorism, but again, I don’t want to be unfair to the fine ninnies, incompetents, corrupt bureaucrats, folks at the UN by bringing that up.

Lastly, you shouldn’t expect me to bring up any of these quotes from my previous posts about the UN:

Kofi Annan and the rest of the corrupt bureaucrats at the UN, the same guys who ran from Iraq like scalded dogs after they got bombed…”

“…the worst thing we could do would be to go back into the UN snakepit.”

“…without the influence, money, and military might of the United States, the UN will go from being a pathetic & toothless debating society…well to an even more pathetic & toothless debating society.”

“To be honest, I like the idea of going without UN approval. It’ll cost us some short term support, but it’ll also cripple the UN which is a huge long term plus in the war on terrorism and in general. In effect, the UN is nothing but the old League of Nations anyway unless we decide to take a stand on something.”

I already don’t care what the UN thinks, but why should anyone care what they think if the US, or any nation for that matter, can simply and openly buy them off? This, my friends, is what the ‘real UN’ is like and why no one but the ignorant and the hopelessly naive believe they have any sort of ‘moral authority.'”

“If the UN is really this dumb, they’re going to be making the mistake of a lifetime and I can’t say that it bothers me one bit. The only thing that could be better than destroying part of the global terrorist network by putting Saddam out of business would be getting rid of Saddam AND cutting the UN’s hamstrings at the same time.”

I know that some of you may be disappointed that I’m giving the UN a free ride like this, but what can I say: I feel a need to be fair to be my advertisers, even if they’re run by a braying, anti-American jackass like Kofi Annan. So, check out the ad from RWN’s new advertiser: the United Nations Foundation and make them feel welcome!

*** Update #1 ***: Here’s a post from the comments section from one of RWN’s liberal readers that I thought you’d enjoy:

“Hey, folks – I don’t care how much you come to Hawkins’ defense. He sold out his principles for a buck. It doesn’t matter how much or how strongly he criticizes the UN from now on out. The UN is not paying him to kiss up to them. They’re paying him for a spot on his website, which amounts to some kind of endorsement. And that is what they got.

I run a blog called Semillas: Sowing the Seeds of Social Justice (Hawkins’ Note: No link until you show me the money Huck). Hawkins, I’ll pay twice your monthly advertising rate for a spot on the Blogad section of RWN to advertise this blog.

Hawkins and the rest of you might like to think that this would amount to nothing more than just taking the money and laughing all the way to the bank. But I would consider it a moral victory and money very well spent.

Sometimes, you just need to walk away from the money because there are things more important than the almighty dollar. It’s called “principle.” –huckupchuck

Sounds great, Huck! Click here to buy the ad and then since you’re paying double, just chip the rest of the money in via Paypal in the support section.

Personally, my philosophy is that I’m in the business of selling ads and if someone wants to buy one, then they’ve come to the right place. In general, I’d no more deny them a spot than a hardware salesman would refuse to sell them nails because he disagreed with their political beliefs.

That’s not to say I’d take any ad that came down the pike. I actually have turned down two ads: one for a website I thought was racist and another for a gay-bashing website. Someone asked about Planned Parenthood in the comments section…I don’t think I could sell them an ad. But the UN? I’m HAPPY to take their money and mock them for it. Same goes for you, Huck. Heck, same goes for the DNC if Howard Dean ever wants to really try to reach out to some Republicans (har, har, har). RWN is open for business and I won’t turn you away just because you’re a leftist wacko…

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