Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select The Most & Least Desired 2008 Republican Nominee (Third Quarter Of 2007 Edition)

Right Wing News emailed more than 230 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to send us a ranked list 1-5 of the candidates that they would most like to take the Republican nomination for President in 2008 and the 1-5 candidates they’d least like to see as the Republican nominee in 2008. Representatives from the following 59 blogs responded…

Aaron’s CC, The Absurd Report, The American Princess, The Anchoress, Argghhhh!, AtlanticBlog, Atlas Shrugs, The Baseball Crank, Betsy’s Page, Bit’s Blog, BizzyBlog, Black Velvet Bruce Li, Blogs of War, Blonde Sagacity, Boi From Troy, Conservative Grapevine, dcthornton.com, Dr. Melissa Clouthier, Eckernet, Euphoric Reality, Cassy Fiano, Freeman Hunt, Jeff Gannon – A Voice of the New Media, Ghost of a Flea, GOPUSA Northeast (Hank), GOP Vixen, GraniteGrok, Guardian Watchblog, The Hedgehog Report, Hugh Hewitt, IMAO, Inoperable Terran, Inside Larry’s Head, Iowa Voice, Keith Burgess-Jackson, The Jawa Report, Kung Fu Quip, Rachel Lucas, mountaineer musings, Musclehead Revolution, My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Newmark’s Door, Newsbeat1, The Nose On Your Face (Potfry), The Nose On Your Face (Buckley), Pal2pal, Damian Penny, The Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill, PoliPundit (Michael Illions), PoliPundit (Polipundit), Professor Bainbridge, Right Thinking From The Left Coast, Don Singleton, Sister Toldjah, Slobokan’s Site Of Schtuff, Solomonia, Don Surber, Viking Pundit, WILLisms

All participating bloggers were provided with the following list of potential candidates although they were also allowed to select nominees who were not listed:

Sam Brownback
Rudy Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
Duncan Hunter
John McCain
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Tom Tancredo
Fred Thompson
Tommy Thompson

As I mentioned earlier, the bloggers were allowed to make 1-5 ranked selections. Those selections were weighted as follows…

1) Worth 2 points
2 or 3) Worth 1.5 points
4 or 5) Worth 1 point

So, for example, a candidate who received two first place votes (4 points), a third place vote (1.5 points), & and three fifth place votes (3 points), would receive a grand total of 8.5 points.

Also, keep in mind that the scoring cut-off to be included in the lists below was 5 points. If a candidate received less than that, his/her score was not listed. Also keep in mind that not everyone put in 5 selections for each area and there was one first/second place tie, which made the numbers look a bit odd in some places.

Here are the selections that were made with the total number of points each candidate tallied following his/her name in parentheses…

Most Desired Nominee For 2008

11) Tommy Thompson (5)
10) Sam Brownback (5)
9) Ron Paul (9.5)
8) Newt Gingrich (15.0)
7) John McCain (17.0)
6) Tom Tancredo (27.5)
5) Mike Huckabee (31.25)
4) Mitt Romney (56.25)
3) Duncan Hunter (60.0)
2) Rudy Giuliani (70.0)
1) Fred Thompson (86.5)

Least Desired Nominee For 2008

11) Fred Thompson (6.0)
10) Newt Gingrich (7.5)
9) Duncan Hunter (9.5)
8) Mike Huckabee (20.0)
7) Rudy Giuliani (20.5)
6) Mitt Romney (21.5)
5) Tom Tancredo (39.5)
4) Tommy Thompson (45.5)
3) Sam Brownback (56.0)
2) John McCain (61.0)
1) Ron Paul (87.0)

Net Score For The 2008 Nominees (Positive Minus Negative)

11) Ron Paul (-77.5)
10) Sam Brownback (-51)
9) John McCain (-44)
8) Tommy Thompson (-40.5)
7) Tom Tancredo (-12)
6) Newt Gingrich (7.5)
5) Mike Huckabee (11.25)
4) Mitt Romney (34.75)
3) Rudy Giuliani (49.5)
2) Duncan Hunter (50.5)
1) Fred Thompson (80.5)

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