Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select Their Favorite Political Websites

Right Wing News emailed more than 150 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to send us a list of who they considered to be their “favorite political websites”. Representatives from the following 41 blogs responded…

All bloggers were allowed to make anywhere from 1-20 ranked selections. The selections were scored based on a weighted scale. A rank of 1-5 was worth (3) points, 6-10 was worth (2) points, & 11-20 was worth (1) point.

So for example, a 1st (3) & 13th (1) place selection would be worth 4 points wheras having three bloggers rank a columnist at 11th (1), 12th (1), and 15th (1) place would be worth 3 points total. Got it? Good.

Do keep in mind that the participants were not allowed to select their own blogs or Right Wing News. Since I’m running the poll and counting the votes, I thought it would be unfair for RWN to be in the running.

Also, as an added bonus, I included the number of first place selections each columnist had. The columnists who were picked first on someone’s list have the number of #1 votes they received following a “–“. Note that some of the columnists who received a #1 vote did not get enough other votes to qualify.

Well that’s enough talk about the rules. The “favorite political websites” of the right side of the blogosphere are as follows… (Cont)

***Update***: In case you were wondering, here’s my list…

20) Zogby Blog
19) Tim Blair
18) Dean’s World
17) Front Page Mag
16) Right-Thinking from the Left Coast
15) Daimnation
14) Betsy’s Page
13) Blacksheepnews
12) RealClear Politics
11) Cybercast News Service
10) Little Green Footballs
9) A Small Victory
8) Town Hall
7) Newsmax
6) Jewish World Review
5) Worldnet Daily
4) National Review
3) Instapundit
2) Lucianne
1) Drudge Report

Also, I think this may be a much more significant poll for the future of the blogosphere than most people realize. I say that because in this poll, we have people who aware of the existence of blogs ranking them against other publications and quite frankly, they did pretty well. In fact, 8 out of the top 20 finishers were blogs. As the number of people who are aware of the existence of the blogosphere expands, this poll suggests that the audience for the blogosphere will also grow dramatically. Only time will tell…

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