Rightroots Meets The Kingston Challenge

Jack Kingston challenged the conservative blogosphere to raise $26,000 by Friday at midnight and said that if we pulled it off, his PAC would give $14,000 to candidates of his choice from the list.

Certainly, there were people who were skeptical that we could pull this off. For example, over at Blog P.I. (beta), William Beutler, the ex-editor of the Hotline’s Blogometer (On a side note: Shouldn’t they change the name to the Hotline’s Liberal Blogometer given how little time they spend comparatively covering the right side of the blogosphere?) had this to say yesterday:

“As of this writing [update: Danny Glover has more] the blog-friendly Rep. Jack Kingston and Senate Maj. Leader Bill Frist have added their names to the Rightroots group. Kingston — who has put more stock in his blog guy, David All, than pretty much any other GOP member of Congress — has promised to donate $14,000 if the Rightroots can raise $26,000 by Friday midnight. With $12,070 raised so far, Kingston might not have to follow through on that — although a late-night arm-twisting session reminiscent of the 2003 Medicare vote wouldn’t be too surprising.”

I exchanged emails with William, who seems to be a great guy, before and after his post went live and last night I mentioned to him that he should have spent more time listening to me and less time listening Chris Bowers over at MyDD. If he had, he wouldn’t have had to add this addition to his post:

“Machiavel is right — the fundraising did pick up today, and Kingston will definitely be chipping in the 14 grand, and crawled the first day or so. Rightroots jumped over this bar — and in August, so not too shabby. So I withdraw gibes. While Bowers clearly doesn’t want it to work, I’m only saying the PAC site must improve to work over the long run. Also in my defense, I watched the Rightroots fundraising total inch slowly upward on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, and the Rightroots ABC page says “(Candidate Totals Updated Daily).” Sounds like “once daily.” So how about a fundraising bat?”

Oh yes, Kingston will be chipping in that $14k because as of right now, we’re at $28,527.06 and rising. If you add in Kingston’s $14k, that means we’ve already insured that our candidates will get $42,000 — and we’re not even a week in.

Much thanks goes out to Jack Kingston, Bill Frist, and everyone who has helped get us off to a great start! Also, thanks to everyone who has given us money and the people who’ll be donating in the future. We’re just getting started with this project and if people stay involved, we can make a big difference by the time November rolls around.

“You can help Rightroots put more Republicans in office by donating here or by spreading the word.”

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