Rockstahs & Cool Sites Of The Week

Thanks to Cooper For President for making RWN their “Cool Site Of The Week”….

“Cool Site of the Week – Right Wing News – It’s the Fourth of July Weekend, you’re in a great mood, Iraq is now a sovereign nation, and all is right with the world (almost). All that’s left is a trip to Right Wing News, the online magazine for anyone who isn’t an America-hating piece of dung. John Hawkins is a gentleman and a scholar. His articles are often funny, poignant, and ALWAYS dead-on accurate.”

“RWN — The online magazine for anyone who isn’t an America-hating piece of dung!”

Now that’s a slogan!

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Also, thanks to Right Thinking Girl for the kind words…

“Props For John Hawkins

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has been amazingly kind to me the past two days. He placed my “Love In A Dangerous Time” post on the front page of RWN and sent a lot of new blood over here to RTG. Mucho gracias, John. You’re a rockstah!”

Ah, the ‘You’re a rockstah’ part just made that =D

Also, she wasn’t kidding about the “new blood” heading over to see the Love In A Time Of Danger post either.

When I posted that column on RWN — after getting her permission of course — it had one trackback from another website going to it. Today it has 19.

I’m just happy that I could help get the word out about such a remarkable column.

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