Ronald Reagan Tribute

For those of you who are unaware, Ronald Reagan has passed away at his home in California.

To be honest, I don’t really have the words to talk about this. When I heard the news, I could hardly stand up, I had trouble breathing. It felt like one of my parents died. I’m still so choked up, I’m having difficulty typing this.

But, I feel like I owe to the Gipper to do my best to send him off right. So, I’m going to spend the next couple days doing what I can to pay tribute to one of the greatest figures of the 20th century and a better man than I’ll ever be.

Everything I write this week-end, will remain up on Monday, which will be entirely dedicated to Ronald Reagan’s memory.

Godspeed Gipper, Godspeed.

***Update #1***: All these posts about Ronald Reagan were made this week-end and moved to Monday.

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