Roseanne Barr Vs. Sanity

You know what the best liberal blog on the net is? No, it’s not the Daily Kos. The HuffPo? Not even close. How about Firedoglake? It’s not in the same ballpark.

It’s actually Roseanne Barr’s blog. Why is it so great? Well, picture Kos sitting down to write for a couple of hours, but getting drunk first and then having a complete mental breakdown. Ok, now you know what Roseanne’s blog is like.

It’s pure comedy gold. Today, everybody is chattering about some crude things she said about Brangelina, but her whole blog is one long, bizarre diatribe. Take a look at these excerpts from posts on the front page of her blog — and keep in mind, every excerpt comes from a different post,

Oprah Winfrey always gets her republican friends elected!! She and she alone split the woman’s vote, thereby destabilizing the entire party and fracturing it forever along racial and gender lines. It is estimated that her endorsement of Obama swung over one million women’s votes from Hillary, who remains the only candidate who polls to win against mccain. Oprah can rest well now knowing that her dogs will not have to pay inheritance tax over the next four years if she dies. However, in 2012, when dean pelosi and the rest of the traitors are out of jobs, and Hillary again runs for president, wins, and changes inheritance taxes to cover health care costs, we will have a nice drink to the end of the Oprah Winfrey “pray to angels instead of protest injustice” method of female stinkthink.

By the way, I think elizabeth hasselberg is a f’r s’re closet case that wants to get whipped by sherri shepherd in a black corset while old babs slaps a riding crop on both of their exposed butt-oxes. love, crackpot granny!

bit my cuticle, its infected must go to hospital to get it lanced. Must get drunk first.

mccain is pro-life and that of course means pro-war! Pro-life means the worship of the holy sanctified fetus and the death of the unholy unsanctified fetus. He looks like a fetus and his wife looks like king tut.

I do not think any men get it at all. As it was for me in Hollywoodland, men in power are not comfortable with any woman that is not serving them coffee. They tried to fire me off of my own show, like they have done to hillary clinton. It was her show and they fired her. they got all heady over winning against her, but that was all the winning they could do. now they have to crawl back to her and ask her to win it for them. they look like weak mama’s boys, which they are.

White American Republicans like (McCain) because he is a racist and so are they. They want to continue their racial holy war against the poor, it pays such great dividends these days.

was picking nuts, got hit in the head with one from high up in the tree…stone cold dead center and hard in the crown chakra. johnny laughed and said look at the size of that! I ran to the house and began writing like nobody’s beeswax! Pele opened up the channel for me! I am creative and making white cake with raspberry’s filling…

It goes on and on and on. Here’s my favorite post, though — make sure to read it all.

It makes no sense to me that people who have visions must hide for fear of being branded crazed or a witch. I knew from a very early age that I was crazed and a witch by patriarchal definition. I knew too however, because I was shown it by a being from another dimension who appeared to me and said: “You will talk about the (female) Shekkinah and her temple priestess and be a witness for he/she/ it. You are the only one in your world who is not crazy , and you will always need to reverse what is being said and then reverse it double. Here is the code you will use to stay sane in an insane world: You will see signs that tell you that you are right. If you do not see the sign immediately, then it is not a sign. Signs happen immediately and not outside the NOW. The sign that you are right will be: everyone thinks YOU are crazy.

Judging by those posts, what she said about Brangelina is the least of this crazy, old left-wing bat’s problems.

Hat tip to Libertarian Republican for the story.

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