Round The Blogosphere

Just for the heck of it, a few comments about blogs & bloggers around the net…

— Where oh where has Rachel Lucas gone, where oh where can she be? Come on Rachel, you’re too talented to let your blog waste away.

— Et tu The Lemon, et tu?

— I have always loved Dawn Olsen’s writing. It’s a brilliant mixture of personal stuff you can’t believe she revealed and incendiary political opinions that demand a response whether you agree with her or not. If she posted 3-5 articles a day, 5 days a week for 6 months, she could get up in the 1500-2000 daily uniques per day range IMO.

— Want to know the two most overrated blogs on the net? Talking Points Memo where Josh Michah Marshall’s reasonable tone disguises the fact that he’s a complete hack and Spinsanity where coming off as bipartisan seems to make more of an impression on people than the poorly reasoned articles that they write.

— I’ve always wondered why more people don’t do “links of the day” type posts like IMAO & Blackfive? It shouldn’t take long to put together, it’s a good way to give your readers more entertaining material to look at, and I’m sure that in the long run it leads to a lot of “payback links” too.

— I have to wonder, what does it take to get on the list of Great Satans at Allah Is In The House? I have admitted that I work for the Mossad & that I’m part of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. I even got 4 mentions on Allah’s blog last week. Ariel Sharon can’t top that! Where’s the love Allah? Where’s the love?

Ravenwood’s Universe is a funny, well written, long running, consistently updated blog. So why hasn’t it ever taken off? My theory? The page colors are the problem.

— My favorite website run by a left of center blogger? Political Wire run by Taegan Goddard. It’s a daily stop during the week. Also, if you like Political Wire, you’ll probably like the The Hedgehog Report too.

— I’ve always thought Fight Fire With Sapphire! was a funny blog with a great concept behind it. If it were ever updated enough, I think it could it really take off one day.

Considerable Quotes is another concept blog I like. In fact, I have been thinking about collecting the best quotes that I run across all over and putting them in sort of a “week in quotes” piece that runs on Friday. What do you think? Good idea, bad idea?

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